Knowing that the factor, which creates real difference under the current competition conditions is the human resources we have, our policy is to attract qualified human resources to join our company and to enhance the loyalty and productivity of our employees by developing human resources applications, which lead to high performance and continuous improvement of our employees. 




If you wish to become part of a corporate structure, where a professional and modern management mentality predominates,

If you wish to work at an environment, where open and honest communication exists and where new and creative ideas are supported,

If you are open for continuous learning, if you want to constantly progress and build a career when you are working,  


Dorte A.Ş. is the correct place for your career.




Selection and Positioning


For the new positions required by the objectives and strategies of our company, primarily our existing employees are evaluated. If it is decided to fill in the vacancies from external sources, announcements are made for the relevant vacancies via the career portals. 


After the applications, which are accumulated at our candidates pool, are evaluated by the Human Resources Department,  those candidates, whose qualifications are found appropriate are invited for an interview.  During the interviews, which are implemented together with the manager of the relevant department and the human resources official, it is evaluated whether the candidates are qualified for the work by applying qualification based interviews. An offer is made to the candidates, who are found eligible as a result of the assessments and those candidates, who are found unqualified, are informed about the result. 


Performance Management


In order to assure that our company and its employees can continuously achieve more, their performance is measured according to a set of criteria. The objectives of our employees are identified based on the company objectives at the beginning of the year and measured twice a year through our objective based performance system. As a result of our performance evaluations, the individual development plans of our employees are generated and the data obtained from the subject plans form inputs for our applications like career planning, training, salary management.


Career Planning and Talent Management


Horizontal and vertical career change is possible for each of our employees. In the individual development plans generated as a result of the performance evaluations, the career objectives of the employees and the development they have to realize in order to achieve this objective are identified.    Different authorizations are allocated to all our employees, who develop the necessary skills in this line and who show high performance, based on our needs within the company.